Welcome is a repository of a couple hundred graphics. Each graphic is centered on some Christian symbol. There are crosses, doves, wwjd's, crowns, and even some simple words of praise. Simply click the Tiles or Wallpapers link up in the navigation bar to get started. I hope you find these a service!


Archive 2018-04-12: After leaving this site offline for a few years, I dug up the old version from 2009 and stuck it in a Docker image. That is what you are on now. Enjoy! was started over 8 years ago with just the tiles. Eventually I learned how to create the wallpapers, and it grew from there. When I went to college the site went to the back burner, and it languished in slightly less than perfect condition. As of June 2008 I have added over 30 new wallpapers, and redesigned the site. This will likely be the last update, so enjoy the graphics!

Random Wallpaper

Random Tile

Tile 77

Random Wallpaper is Copyright © 1999-2008 David Reagan.